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We'll help you clean up the clutter by digitizing your precious memories.



We'll scan your precious old photos, and convert them into digital JPEG files. Are they in an album? No problem! Just add on our "album processing service" ($20 per album) and we'll remove the photos from each album so we can scan them, then put the photos back in the album after the scanning is done. It just couldn't be any easier!



Got slides? We can scan 'em! We'll bring them back to their former glory by converting them to high-resolution JPEG files. We adjust the exposure and color levels for each slide, so the digital versions will look even better than the originals!

Video tapes


Here's something you may not know about video tapes: they start to decay (literally!) after about 15 years. So if you've got tapes that are this old (or older), then you are at high risk of losing them. Digitize them before it's too late! We'll convert each video tape into a digital Quicktime file, so you can put them on your Mac or PC and preserve them forever!

How It Works

We make it super-easy to digitize your precious memories

  • 1
    You ship your project to us
  • 2
    We digitize it
  • 3
    We email you an invoice
  • 4
    We ship the project back to you via UPS

We recommend going to a local UPS Store to make the shipping process really easy. They'll package up your project safely, and give you the best UPS rates to send it to us. They'll also provide you with a tracking number, so you can track your package until it arrives at our studio. You can find a UPS Store near you here .

We'll finish digitizing your project within two weeks after we receive it. When we're done, we'll save the new digital files onto an 8 GB USB thumb drive, which you'll be able to plug into your Mac and/or PC.

When the project is completed, we'll email you an invoice for the items that you sent to us (based on the pricing shown above), plus $15.95 for the thumb drive, plus the cost of return shipping via UPS Ground. The invoice will include a link you can click on to pay online (using any major credit card, or PayPal).

We'll then ship the project back to you, and will let you know the UPS tracking number once it's on the way.

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Our customers rock! Here's what they have to say about us...

Kay G.

"My experience with Digitize My Life was very positive from start to finish. They were courteous, efficient, convenient, and reasonably priced. I was very pleased with the finished product, plan to use them again, and would recommend them highly."

Steve H.

"It is hard to imagine what life was like before Digitize My Life! Gabriel and the team made everything so easy and uncomplicated. And the final results were fantastic. Thank you for making the process so easy and quick!"

Stacy P.

"I'm a highly picky digital media power user and was completely impressed. Everything came back in very high quality in a short time frame, ahead of schedule. I will definitely be using Digitize My Life's services again!"

Become an instant digitizing guru

Watch these videos to learn the top 5 mistakes to avoid when digitizing your...



Video Tapes


This is our story...

  • 1999-2004

    It starts out as a hobby

    Best friends Mark Davis and Anne Darer get the digitizing bug, big time. They scan thousands of old photos, slides and videotapes, and share them with friends and family with reckless abandon. Lots of people say "that's so cool, can you help us do that?" Alas, the answer is always "no", because Digitize My Life isn't born yet. Some good news though...Mark and Annie get married in 2001!

  • 2005

    Digitize My Life is launched!

    Mark and Annie finally decide they want to start saying "yes" to people, and open a snazzy digitizing studio in Brooklyn. The studio starts serving customers in New York City, and the surrounding area.

  • 2010

    We launch a series on YouTube

    We create a series of videos about digitzing old photos and slides, which get loads of views. This leads us to get profiled in places like BBC News and Crains New York, who describes us as "New York's premier digitization service."

  • 2013

    We start providing service across the United States

    Our videos on YouTube are getting more popular, and we're seeing customer requests come in from across the country. So we start accepting orders that are shipped to our Brooklyn studio from anywhere in the U.S.

  • 2015

    We celebrate our 10th birthday

    We haven't done any marketing or advertising for many years now, but people find us anyway — usually through word of mouth or YouTube. Maybe that's how you found us! We're delighted to serve our customers with an important service like ours, and have now helped thousands of families preserve their precious memories!

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We do all work by hand in our digital studio in Brooklyn, NY